As more and more sites switch to HTTPS, and more servers add HTTP/2 support, it can be difficult to determine which server has the best performance. This site aims to settle that question.

Benchmark result summary

Apache vs Caddy vs H2o vs LiteSpeed vs Nginx

Benchmark test results as of September 6, 2019, conducted on Digital Ocean 1GB droplets.

WordPress Home Page (HTTP/2)

All server setups use best available WordPress cache plugin.

Server Name Requests/sec Ratio
Apache 2.4.41 389.40 1.00X
Caddy 0.11.4 441.00 1.13X
H2o 2.2.6 721.90 1.85X
LiteSpeed 5.4.1 29159.00 74.95X
Nginx 1.16.1 3324.40 8.53X

WordPress Home Page (HTTP/2 vs HTTP/1.1)

Compare HTTP/2 and HTTP/1.1 (with Keep-alive connections)

Server Name HTTP/2 HTTP/1.1 HTTP/2 vs HTTP/1.1
Apache 2.4.41 389.40 476.72 0.81X
Caddy 0.11.4 441.00 433.36 1.02X
H2o 2.2.6 721.90 621.08 1.16X
LiteSpeed 5.4.1 29159.00 14290.00 2.04X
Nginx 1.16.1 3324.40 3201.17 1.04X

Benchmark Result: Apache vs Caddy vs H2o vs LiteSpeed vs Nginx in DigitalOcean 1GB droplet


We provide an easy-to-use script so that you may set up and run the benchmarks yourself. If you don’t believe the published results, you can verify them on your own server.

How benchmarking is performed

How can you contribute

The http2benchmark project is an open-source project hosted on GitHub.

Contributions are welcome, including:

Give your feedback in the project’s Issues area or create a Pull Request, and add any of the following:

How to to run your own benchmark

You can easily run http2benchmark on your own server by following this guide.

It takes less than an hour of two $5 Digital Ocean droplets to verify the test results.
Total cost is less than $0.02. Give it a try. :-) 

Server software compared

Server software to be added soon

Test clients used

Micro benchmarks

  1. Small static HTML file that can be compressed
  2. Small static image files that cannot be compressed.

Application benchmark

Benchmark Results

Apache vs Caddy vs H2o vs LiteSpeed vs Nginx in DigitalOcean 1GB droplet September 6, 2019

LiteSpeed 5.4 vs Nginx 1.16 in DigitalOcean 1GB Droplet July 23, 2019

LiteSpeed 5.4 vs Nginx 1.16 in Vultr “High Frequency Compute” 2-GB instance July 23, 2019